Nike Research Paper

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Nike Research Paper
Mykle Rud

The story of Nike and how it came about is remarkable in the sense of it was just a random idea that Phil Knight (now the CEO of Nike) was forced to come up with because of a business class Phil took at Stanford Graduate College. Now that is just a glimpse of the start of the company that would soon become the top sports apparel and sneaker producer for both male and female genders. I hope by the time this research paper is over you have an appreciation for what Phil Knight created and continues to make better day by day, month by month, and year by year. Before we get into the company aspect of this paper, we must first know about the back ground of Phillip Knight. In 1938, Phillip Knight was born in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. His mother Lota was a stay at home mom, while his father worked for the family and helped Phil develop important leadership skills. William Knight (Phil’s Dad) went to college to be a lawyer and was chose to have a seat on the Oregon state legislature at the age of 26. In the year of 1953 the publisher of the Oregon journal was killed in a plane crash. The widow selected Phil’s father to take over as Chief Editor of the Oregon Journal.

At the young age of 15, Phil was attending Cleveland High School, and was making a big name for himself in the process. He was voted on in the yearbook as the most pleasant student in the graduating class of 1955. He also participated in sports such as tennis and he also ran track. Over the course of his career, he became one of the best middle distance runners in the city. He went on to get a full-ride scholarship to the University of Oregon and be coached by future business partner and heralded as the best track and field coach of his era, Bill Bowerman. Phil went on to graduate from Oregon and pursue his master’s degree at Stanford Graduate School. While attending Stanford in the early 60’s, Phil Knight took a class requiring him to make a business plan on how he could manage his own company. Phil ran high school and college track and field, and decided to make his company on something he knew well, which were track shoes. When interviewed about this topic Phil had this to say about his research paper, “I had determined when I wrote that paper that what I wanted to do with my life was to be the best track and field shoe distributor in the United States.” In the time period Phil lived in, companies in America sold an abundance of leisure footwear for very low prices. The Germans at the time were the most sought after group of manufacturers for their company Adidas. Phil knew he would have a long uphill struggle against Adidas, but he knew he could sell more if his product costed less than the Germans. Phil decided to take his business deal and turn it into a real business. He teamed up with his track coach Bill Bowerman and created Blue Ribbon Sports. They went to their parents and relatives and asked for donations of money to start up this company, and they came up with 500 dollars total to start the production of these shoes. With an age difference of 26 years, Phil and Bill have coveted a love for running while holding a bond as an athlete and coach. They always strived for greatness no matter how they had to do it. They started selling their product at local track meets, and the first shoe that they ever came out with was called the Tiger. They convinced a company in Japan to buy a share of Blue Ribbon Sports and that’s where they started manufacturing the Tiger’s. After the product started to spread out over a couple of months, the company was on the rise and by that time Phil and Bill were starting to think bigger. They hired a team to think of a new company name and logo that everybody will recognize wherever they see it. The team thought of a name, and the name they came up with was “Nike” the goddess of victory. At first Phil was not too fond of the name but said “I’m sure it...
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