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Kapafule lusanga
Busn202-51B HRM
Human Resources Project
Part One;
| Method 1 Observation| Method 2 Interview | Method 3 Questionnaire | Pro| Low Cost| | |
| The trained job analyst can obtain first hand knowledge.| Direct feedback| Quick and efficient way to obtain information and | | Job can be observe in short period of time on physical activity| Opportunity to probe| Can get a large amount of information in short time | | Allow the job analysis to see (and in some cases experience) the work environment.| Can use observation as another evaluation method| Allows for employee participation| | | Persona interaction with respondent| Does not require trained interviewer| Cons| Employees act different| | |

| All the time on the phone| Time-consuming| Quality of information related to the quality of the questionnaire| | Checking Facebook post all the time| Interviewer error or bias| Time consuming| | | costly| May have low response rate|

Part Two:
Selecting the Appropriate Job Analysis Method
A. I will use interview method and questionnaire method in order to complete a job analysis at Ivy Tech Community College. B. there is various ways to collecting information on the duties, responsibilities, and activities of the job, and I will discuss the most important ones wish I choice in combining the techniques that best fit my purpose. An interview and questionnaire is my appropriate way for creating a job description, where the position analysis questionnaire is more appropriate for determining the worth of the job for compensation purposes. I will make sure the interviewee should fully understand the reason for the interview, since there are tendency for such interviews to be view rightly or wrongly as efficiency evaluations. When come to the questionnaires, the questionnaire is going to be open ended and simply employee to describe the major duties of the job. C. information pertaining to the employee for verification purposes: Name: Shamma Warren

Title/ position at the college: Part-time evening Library Assistant College email address:
Work phone number with extension:
Date completed 10/01/2012
D. Attach a simple note from the person listed above that they were indent a part of this course activity. Note validation involvement.

Part Three:
Comment and Reaction of the Job Analysis
1. What information you obtained?
On using, the observation is especially useful when jobs consist mainly of observable physical activities- this as a big advantage especially for Librarian. For the Librarian position I can be able to tell if the applicant if qualify for the position because was asking her question while she was performing her job. The interview and questionnaire was very important for me to confirm with the kind of kills and knowledge I am looking for. At the other extreme, the questionnaire was open-ended and simply asking the employee to ‘describe the major duties of a job’. I did found that the questionnaire as a quick and efficient way of obtaining information from a large number of employees and it less costly than interviewing hundreds of workers, for instance. On the other hand, developing the questionnaire and testing it perhaps by making sure the worker understand the question can also be expensive and time consuming. 2. What information was surprising to lean pertaining to particular job? I have come to learn from using the interview approach, I was able to know and give the feedback, evaluate the employee during the interview process. On the other hand, it cost time consuming, costly, and I had to do my best of avoiding error or bias. On the questionnaire approach, it also have both pros and cons. It is a quick way to obtain information from a large number of employees, and it less costly than interviewing hundreds of workers for instance. Since questionnaire, it perhaps by making sure employees or workers...
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