Research Methods in Criminal Justice

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Self Reporting - surveys in criminal justice are the best ways to accrue information on new hires, victims, and someone’s criminal history and among others. There is a positive and negative effect that this method could produce such as biases. If the employer is willing to use this method he will need to take the time to research the person’s answers and keep their feelings and emotions out of the questionnaire. By using the self reporting survey method the employer can get to know the applicant better and see if he or she answers the questions honestly. If the applicant does this then the candidate pool will be better than just conducting an interview because the interviewee will only answer the questions based upon what they think the employer wants to hear. Once the applicant answers the questionnaire and he or she arrives for the interview the employer can look back on the questionnaire and see if the answers are the same. The downsides to this method are that the questions may and can be answered based upon how the applicant is feeling at the time. If something has happened to the person about the topic in a negative way his answers will be negative and if he has had a positive experience then the answers will be positive, this where the interview comes into play after the questionnaire. The goal of the questionnaire is to get honest and sincere feedback from the survey. Ask questions that make the person answer the questions honestly and not be ashamed or embarrassed to answer the questions. The employer will want to be able to take the surveys that seem to be answered honestly and narrow the applicant pool to the best qualified or most qualified pool. Once this has been achieved to the employers’ satisfaction then he can proceed to the next step of the process which is the interview. The method that would be used would be based upon how the person answers the survey. Each applicant would have different questions to answer and they would have the same...
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