Nike, an International Business

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Table of Contents1
Brief Historical of NIKE3
Financial Statement5
Total Revenue6
Operating Income6
Net Income6
Recent News of Nike7
PESTLE analysis8
Marketing Strategies11


In this assignment, we are going to study about the Nike in its home country, United State (U.S.). We choose Nike as our study due to; firstly, most of our team members like sporting. We are interested with lots of sport brand especially the world well-known brand, Nike.

Secondly, Nike makes a huge influence to the public. The Nike slogan is ‘Just do it’. When we heard ‘just do it’ or see a logo ‘Swoosh’ hence we can know that it was Nike. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nike, Inc., Philip H Knight said “If you have a body, you’re an athlete”. The mission stated, “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete”. There is a passion to help athletes reach their full potential combined with a partnership business plan to benefit all their partner, shareholder and consumer. Thus, we are going to study this outstanding company’s business expansion and their corporate operation in their home country (U.S.) and all around the world.

Brief Historical of NIKE

Nike, Inc was started by two persons who are Bill Bowerman and Philip H Knight, they met each other in 1957. Within the years, Nike began as a small distributing company in the back of Philip H Knight’s car. The original Nike, Inc is named of Blue Ribbon Sports, was founded with a joint venture of $1000 endowment the business (Bill & Phil, 1964). Before started the company, Bill Bowerman and Philip H Knight associated with the Japanese shoe maker- Onitsuka Tiger footwear brand for doing the business through the local track meets and the sport events in the surrounding area of the University of Oregon. The first retail store of Blue Ribbon Sports was opened in Santa Monica, California (Bachman, 1966).

The swoosh logo for Blue Ribbon Sports sold for $35 (Caroline, 1971). Blue Ribbon Sports found the named after the Greek Goddess of Victory, line of footwear call "Nike" (pronounced NI-KEY) in 1972. Canada is the country that Blue Ribbon Sports expanded their first product line in the foreign market, which was in the year of 1972. In 1978, Blue Ribbon Sports renamed the company to Nike, Inc. At the end of 1970’s, Nike has been expanded as a global company in the foreign marketplace in Asian Countries. Every product and partner, every decision, every gateway, every stage from concept to reclamation ads to near infinite ecosystem of cause and effect make them grow rapidly. Nowadays, Nike has contracted with more than 900 factories around the world and has offices in 50 countries outside U.S. It is mainly engaged in off shoring and subcontracts all of the footwear production to independently operated foreign companies in South East Asia.

In 1979, the famous technology of Nike AIR is instinctive as vigorous. Half of the athletic footwear market had overtaken by Nike, Inc in 1980. At the same year, Nike also became as an openly traded corporation. Referring from the website of Nike, Nike had expanded their business in 40 foreign countries in 1981, almost 200 exclusive Nike shoes are off-the-rack, and the sport-specific shoes and cleats appear in every part of the countries Nike, Inc started increase their reputation and creating the exclusive and exciting ads, also with the slogan "Just Do It" (Walt Stack, 1988). The World Headquarters of Nike are opens in the Beaverton, Oregon on 74 acres in 1990. Nowadays, Nike had become the top-200 riches corporation.

Financial Statement

Sources from

Total Revenue
The Nike, Inc total revenue from year2010 to year2012 are gradually increase. There are USD 19.014billion, USD 20.862billion and USD 24.128billion. The best total revenue between these three years...
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