Nightingale and the Red Rose

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Nightingale and the Red Rose


The young boy (Sylvia) falla in love with little girl (Julia). Julia promises Sylvia that she will dance with him only if he brings her a red rose on the dancing festival that will be held soon. Nightingale , Sylvia's friend, promises Sylvia to bring him that red rose even if it will cost her her life and Nightingale satisfies her promise and dies because she has to give out all her blood in order to give a life to an old red rose that lose its vitality and color due to severe winter season. Unfortunately, Julia turn down Sylvia on the ground that the red rose does not go with her dress and besides, her fiancé, George, has already send her a beautiful necklace, which she values more than the red rose. Sylvia gets angry and throws the red rose to the street.


Sylvia : The figure that deceived himself into thinking that love is everything.

Nightingale : The character that always wants good things for people and willing to give out her life for the sake of enjoyment and happiness of other people.

Julia : arrogant and shameful figure that fail to meet her promise because she value material stuff more than true love.

Oak-tree : the tree that give Nightingale the red rose.


1- Conflict between the Nightingale and his soul. She exhibits high soul because she defeats her inner soul and kills herself in order to satisfy her promise and to give happiness to his friend.

2- Conflict between Julia and her arrogant self. After promising her friend, Sylvia, to dance with him, she turns him down because she values love based on materials stuff.


1- The event when Nightingale keeps pressing herself against the thorn and bleeding. It shows how much of a love she has for her friend.

2- The event when Sylvia found the red rose and figure out that Nightingale give out her life for it as he find her dead.

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