Cyrano de Bergerac Summary

Topics: Cyrano de Bergerac, Love, Emotion Pages: 2 (778 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Cyrano de Bergerac Summary
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This movie took so many unexpected turns it is unbelievable. The most interesting thing is that considering the era when the movie took place, there is such a rich plot and the overall story is extremely intriguing. This movie exhibits many social standards that we often still face today making it somewhat relatable to present day society. Feelings of insecurity was really the main background of this movie and that is what made it most relatable. The way the setting was exhibited through the film, the emotion of the film was captured through that. This film is about Cyrano who is a nice and kind hearted person but suffers an immense amount of insecurities because he has a larger than normal nose. At the same time, he is in love with his cousin but does not tell her for a very long time into the film because of this insecurity. He goes through a lot of suffering due to his secret emotions but is provided to express his love through the person who Roxanne is in love with. Even though he misled her and led her to believe that the person she loved really did love her the same, it increased the intensity of the plot because you really do not know how it will turn out. Eventually, after over a decade, after many things have already happened, Cyrano is able to reveal his true emotions to her. Surprised, she reacts in an opening way expressing the same emotions but then he decides to kill himself taking away any potential chances they may have had together. The part that struck me most about the film was when Christian was shot because he was finally giving Cyrano the confidence and push he needed to confess his love to Roxanne. It was a close call, Roxanne had shown up to where they were at the time because she missed Christian and his letters were so intriguing, since Christian was not aware of the writing he really wanted for Cyrano to tell her but before he can push him far enough to do so, he dies. This...
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