Night- Elie Wisel Interior Monologue

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Interior monologue (Ms. Schacter)

Where are my sons and husband? Why am I here? Why is it so hot? Who’s that keep stroking my hand? How did all of these people get inside our house? Hey where are my sons? Hey what’s that? It’s shinny. It yellow. Wait it’s red, is it a fire. It’s getting bigger. Oh my god! It’s huge! “Fire! I see a fire! I see a fire!” (24).

“Look! Look at this fire! This terrible fire! Have mercy on me!”

What are they doing! Can’t they see the fire? It’s enormous! Maybe they didn’t hear me. “Fire! I see a Fire!”

They heard me now, but why don’t they believe me! It’s right in front of them! They are looking straight at it! How can be so calm about it?

“Jews, listen to me, I see a fire! I see flames, huge flames.” Who are these people? Why are they pulling me down? Why can’t I feel anything? Everything is getting darker. Why can’t I talk? Am I asleep? Oh no! I have to tell the Jews what I saw even though they don’t believe me. Talk. Talk. Talk.

“Look at the fire! Look at the flames! Flames everywhere!” It hurts. It’s warm. What is it? My head, it’s bleeding. But I can’t feel anything. Why don’t they believe me? Why? Are we heading toward the flames? Are my husband and sons in the flames? Why? Why is God so merciless? Why is he doing this to us? God please help us. Please…

Wait. The fire is getting bigger. Am I dreaming? This cannot be real. It cannot. No. I see it. It’s right there. Should I tell them? They wont believe me anyways. I should just let them die. I should just let them suffer. Even God is not helping us. Why should I help them? What am I thinking? Am I stupid? I shouldn’t give up hope even though god doesn’t help us. “The fire, over there!”

“Look at the fire! Look at the flames! Over there!” Why don’t they believe me? It’s going to be too late.

“Jews, look! Look the fire! Look at the flames!” It’s too late. We are already here....
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