Nigeria Education System

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  • Published : September 26, 2010
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No doubt education is the bedrock of development of any country or nation. But unfortunately Education in Nigeria is bisected with myriads of problems. The aim of the study is to identify and provide solutions to the problems that are mitigating about the success in the education sector of the country. For meaningful development to take place in the educational sector; the government need to re-address the issue of multiple system of education, diversification in the education system, unstable curriculum, unstable staff, access to good and equipped library towards achieving the goals of education. Also education must be made affordable for all and sundry. The current politicization of education must be changed.

Education is the bedrock of development to any nation, that direct means by which people seeks to shape its own destiny and to transform itself from what it knows itself to be into what it would hope to become. Education in Nigeria is nationally conceptualized not simply as the medium for cultural transmission but the main vehicle for accelerating individual, community and national development. It is a mechanism through which the society generates the knowledge and skills required for its survival and sustenance. It enriches people's understanding of themselves and the world. It improves the quality of their lives and leads to broad social benefits to individuals and society. The fortune of the educational system in Nigeria is, perhaps, at its lowest ebb. There has been a consistent denigration of the system in the last two or three decades. Graduates of the educational system are not only derided, but are also described as lacking in quality, low in perception and unfit in skills. Employers complain that school graduates are poorly prepared for work. In many cases, employers compensate for insufficient academic preparation by organizing remedial courses for new employees. Developed countries subject graduates of our schools to fresh training and examination in an attempt to ensure fitness into their own System. The educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity that threatens our future as a nation and a people. Findings from educational sector analysis confirm the poor state of education in Nigeria. Concept of Education

As an individual lives his life, there occurs in him some knowledge, skills and abilities. These variables are used by the individual to ensure survival and comfort as he operates with his community. In this process he grows in knowledge, and gets used to his environment. Education according to Fafunwa (1974) in is the sum total of all the process by which an individual acquires and develops skills, abilities and other know-hows in order to become an active and effective participant in any society. Education is therefore, a process whereby an individual is being systematically prepared to live and participate in a given culture. Education from this would be seen as that medium whereby the individual is being trained and develop to become a meaningful citizen in a country or society. Ugwu (1997:1) defined it as all efforts towards the inculcation of the right attitude, habit, skill and knowledge necessary for proper adjustment in the society. It is thus that medium by which the individual is being taught to life in the right type of attitude desired by the society so as to bring about a change in the individual and also in the advancement of that society it find itself. Every society or nation develops her notions of worthwhile values or objectives that are considered desirable in terms of the individual own needs as well as well as the needs of the society where that education is based. For instance, Nigeria education system is expected to provide the following worthwhile values or objectives. National Objective of Nigerian Education

(a) The inculcation of national consciousness and national unity: Nigerian...
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