Article Review: Effects of Systematic Desensitization (Sd) Therapy on the Reduction of Test Anxiety Among Adolescents in Nigerian Schools

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  • Published : March 23, 2007
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The article starts off by focusing on the Nigerian education system and the problems they are facing. The people in this area are split into three groups, the first group are concerned with the education system itself, the second group are worried about the teaching methods, and the third group still blame it on the inability for the students to comprehend what they have learned.

Another problem is the issue of emotional maladjustment within the adolescent community. These adolescents have been brought up with such high expectations that fear and anxiety is a common reaction. Since there is no attention given to improve these conditions, the fear and anxiety increases, causing it to blend into poor assignments, projects, class work, and of course testing. The study outlined in this article focused on two aspects. It set out to research the effects of Systematic Desensitization on the reduction of test anxiety on a particular population (Nigerian Secondary School children that were experiencing test anxiety), and also focused on three secondary independent variables, which included entry test anxiety level, sex, and locus of control. The test hoped to establish a relationship between systematic desensitization and sex and set up three research hypotheses. The first one stated there is no significant difference in the test anxiety level of groups with moderate and high entry anxiety at the end of treatment. The second declared there is no significant difference in the test anxiety level of groups subjected to Systematic Desensitization therapy and Control after treatment. Finally the third hypothesis was there is no significant difference in the test anxiety level of male and female subjects after treatment. II. Description of Technique

Systematic Desensitization, a type of Classical Conditioning, is a behavioral technique used to reduce an individual's fear and anxiety toward a particular situation. This is done by gradually associating a new response, with...
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