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  • Published : March 8, 2006
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I did my newspaper-style review, of a destination I have visited,on this lake resort which my family and I always visit and enjoy its luxuries. In Porta Verde we enjoy all its family recreational activities. I am actually a share holder of this Porta Verde so my family and I go there to relax and enjoy the stunning scenary...

Porta Verde is a stunning leisure and vacation home that basks in owned and rented out by Asia Leisure Escapes, with Emma Imperial at the helm. Porta Verde is located in the south of Caliraya Lake, a 2 1/2- hour drive from the heart of Manila. Blessed by nature and enhanced by man, Porta Verde's environment is a spread of water and skies, with silhouettes of trees clustered in the horizon. The terrain rolls on all sides, cradling a variety of palms and fruit-bearing trees. There is not a spot of land that has not been touched by nature's fertile wand. Pristine and well-tended are the carpets of grass, the floral borders that creep onto the lanai floor, the Chinese bamboo fronds with their evergreen blades. Porta Verde showcases the lush tropics and villa living.

Situated in Lumot, Caviniti, Laguna, the villa bursts with splashes of color, bold declarations that make it a prominent architectural landmark by the lake. Summer tones and shades are washed on the facade, on the finials tracing the balcony ledge, with on every building element that gleams with untamed shades of blue, green, salmon, orange, and ochre. From the main house, one views the estate from the terrace. A separate guesthouse is ensconced in its private slope, echoing the tropical theme. Two cabanas- delightful topical gazebos- stand proud by the lake and pool-side. Matching grace, aesthetics and function, the mixture of natural stones, layers of greens, concrete, glass and wood make a statement that more than whispers: this is a great site to hold an intimate gathering of family and friends, a weekend retreat or a private party.

Coupled with the...
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