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  • Published : September 21, 2008
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As a citizen and communicator I have many responsibilities. By fulfilling these obligations I earn privileges. I have a responsibility as a citizen to actively communicate in my society. As a communicator, I must strive for clear communication. It is my choice to communicating well, but if I choose not to I don’t deserve the privileges of being a respected citizen.

By fulfilling my responsibilities I earn the right to be treated as an equal citizen, the right to be included in communications important to my society, and the respect of those around me. I can choose not to communicate well and, if I so choose, I don’t think I will earn these privileges. If I fall short of my obligations as a communicator I don’t deserve to be recognized as a citizen.

Being a citizen and communicator are part of becoming a contributing adult to society. Through mistakes and successes in communication, I can improve my abilities and learn to fulfill my responsibilities. I can strive to communicate efficiently, listen well, accept logical reasoning, and disagree appropriately. I am obligated to share my ideas with others and listen to clear opinions. I am not obligated to agree, in fact if I disagree and have legitimate reasoning, I believe I am obligated to share that reasoning in a clear, respectful manner. At the same time, I must learn to be open-minded and accept better understanding and different opinions.

The choice of making these decisions is all mine. If I want to be a good communicator and a contributing citizen, I need to learn these things. After I have, I will earn the privileges of respect and freedom to voice my opinions. I will have the skills to do this and so will have earned the right to do so.
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