News Media: Print, Broadcast, and Internet

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What is the definition of news media? News media is a very general term that is used to encompass all types of media that are used to broadcast the news. This includes print media such as newspapers and magazines, broadcast media like radio and television stations, and Internet media such as web pages and blogs. All are examples of news media and part of the answer to the definition of news media. Definition of News Media

According to the dictionary, the definition of news is: information about anything; information previously unknown 2.reports, collectively, of recent happenings, esp. those broadcast over radio or TV, printed in a newspaper, etc. 3.any person or thing thought to merit special attention in such reports The relevant definition of media is:

1.the occupation of reporting, writing, editing, photographing, or broadcasting news. 2.the occupation of running a news organization as a business. 3.the press, printed publications, and their employees. academie program preparing students in reporting, writing, and editing for periodicals and newspapers. —journalist, n. — journalistic, adj. Thus, the definition of news media combined refers to any material that is used to spread or disseminate the news. What Does the "Media" Mean in News Media

While the dictionary definition helps define "news media," it is also helpful to delve a little deeper into what the words mean in this context. •The term “media” is loosely used to refer to the way in which something is presented, i.e. the method by which creation or delivery takes place. •Think about the idea of an artist, who works in a “medium” such as clay or paint. He or she is delivering the message they want to send via the medium in which they’re working. Similarly, media (the plural of “medium”) is the way in which the message, in this case the news, is delivered. Changes to News Media

News media has changed drastically over the past century.
The invention of the printing press...
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