Media Dependency

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Media dependency is the idea that the more a person uses a form of media, the more dependent that person becomes in relying on that media. We are reaching a dangerous point in dependency, as technology becomes integrated in our lives.

The media is how we become informed and updated of the happenings around the globe. It is how consumers find out the truth about the products and it is the media’s job to dose us up with the facts we need to function. All in all, the media is a public trust.

Media has become a habit and it has dominated our lives. A research findings by the International Center for Media & Public Agenda (ICMPA) at the University of Maryland revealed that under the age of 25, it does not matter which part continent you are from, you will not be able to live without a digital device- you cannot function without them. The study also show most (students especially) were blind-sided by how much media have come to dominate their lives. They had thought of media as just a convenience, a way of communicating and receiving news. But they had inadvertently constructed their identity through media. To them, media is not just a tool to communicate but the use of media has shape they way others think of them and the way they think about themselves. They needed the media to find their identity; they allow the media to define them. Ultimately, they are nothing without the media.

We are undoubtedly interested in the news. We want to receive first-hand, unfiltered information and the media can easily ease that craving. Our generation does not require certified and acknowledged information- quantity, over quality of the news. However, do we regard the media with hostility and suspicion, or warmth and fuzziness?

With all that said, the media are not the holders of power, but they create the space where power is decided. The language of media has its rules and it is largely built around images. The most powerful message is a simple message attached to...
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