NEWE: Brand Philosophy

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The brand NEWE was created and nowadays follows the aim to show women’s beauty and sharm. Main goal of the brand is to make all possible efforts to find a solution of women skin troubles. Another strategy of the company is to make female skin more shiny, bright and beautiful. Mission

The new formulation and one of high-priority goals of the company is to deactivate skin energy and make it looks full of life and shine through new innovations technologies developing. NEWE is making everything possible to product advanced cosmetics using delicate CGMP construction process. This process not only provides skin with natural ingredients but also based on only natural ingredients taken from clean environment. Science from nature

NEWE is trying to bring skin technologies closer to life science and step by step taking the direction to ideal skin. Based on human efforts, natural ingredients and innovative technologies NEWE is heading to beautiful future. With outstanding progressive ideas and innovative strategies NEWE provides the skin’s beauty all women dream about. 6.

NEWE’s procedures and effects
Snow whitening (basic)
Whitening (BB)
Ultraviolet rays block
Time lock (BB)
Time lock (Basic)
Golden label deluxe
Gold therapy
Wrinkles removal & anti-wrinkles therapy
NEWE’s procedures description & special features
Name of the procedure | Skin type| Product formation | Skin problems available for care | Functions| The special features of the procedure | Gold label deluxe| All skin types| Toner, emulsion,essense,cream| Lack of elasticity,fine wrinkles, laugh lines| Wrinkle therapy| 1. Contains of 99% pure gold 2. Moisture& anti-ageing effects 3. Soft texture, high consistence of nutritions| Snow white| Oily ,combine skin| Serum, cream, spa-solution, BB cream| Lack of moisture, freckles, blemish, dark skin| Lightening, BB (2 phases)| 1. effect of 7 red moisture & whitening effect 2. Light texture, easy using 3. Purslane, white birch active extracts therapy | Time lock| Dry skin| Serum, cream, eye cream, BB cream| Lack of elasticity,fine wrinkles, laugh lines, deep wrinkles, skin troubles | Wrinkle therapy, BB (3 phases)| 1. Contains of pea ’s protein (stem cell culture medium) 2. Contains of bean’s fermentation extracts 3. Texture full of nutritions, moist using| Gold therapy | All skin types| Serum, cream| Dark skin, lack of elasticity, fading skin| Wrinkle therapy & lightening (double effect)| 1.Contain 99% gold components2. contains of caviar extracts 3. providing a moisture from chell |

Skin care & solutions for different age groups
Age group
1. After the age 25, skin begins to decline energy and ageing process slowly starts (especially in the case of marriage, pregnancy and birth of children life style on the whole changes a lot, what influences on skin condition). 2. Fine wrinkles, laugh lines appear.

3. A tendency of decrease skin energy and elasticity.
4. Skin becomes tighter, and wrinkles near mouth zone become more visible. 5. Although consistence of oil/moist in skin almost the same with 20-25 age group, it’s a time when skin can change its type unexpectedly.

Problem & skin care

1. Although there’s no big difference with 20-25 skin condition, due to cases of pregnancy & birth of children a state of skin begins to change.


1. Choosing cosmetics which suits the skin type, protecting skin and keep the necessary moisture balance. 2. Paying attention on protection skin from ultraviolet rays and other outside impulses. 3. Taking care of skin using lightening cosmetics in case of fine wrinkles, laugh lines appearance. 4. Amount of serum secretion at eye, mouth, cheek zone begins to decrease, so face expression wrinkles should be taken care especially.

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