New Watch Product Development Process

Topics: Global Positioning System, Time, Global navigation satellite system Pages: 4 (1310 words) Published: June 20, 2008
New-product development process
Idea generation
Nowadays watch is an essential part of human. It performs a social status or lifestyle of user. There are many technique and technology to add to the watch. For example make the watch like a purse, the LED that sticks to the watch as if flashlight, the watch can tell the user positioning, the watch can be a walky talky, the watch can be a telephone, the watch can be the camera, the watch can update the correct time by itself, the watch that use the energy from the heat of human body, the watch which can measure the pulse, prepare the material of watch’s body by use the lightweight material and more that depend on the advance of technology.

Idea screening
There are many technique and technology to add to the watch. The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is the piece of small antenna as if the small paper which is stick with the product. The sensor duty is detect the product that stick with the small antenna and send the data to the computer to record. Actually the technology can apply. The old duty of RFID is usually use in logistic or warehouse but we move the small antenna to the watch. Sensor which is detect the RFID in the cashier or vending machine like the credit card draw machine. This idea is reduce the equipment the people carry.

The world is very large and human try to develop and extend the city. You can lose although you walk in the city. The technology that serves the convenient to save the time to find a right way is GPS (Global Positioning System). In the past the GPS was develop by the military to make the map in the display that receive the data from the satellite and show the position of user. Actually it is faster than the map paper because the users just guess where they are. This technology can adapt to the watch which is the essential part that almost stick with the hand of user. The watch will tell the positioning of user which is the basic duty of GPS. Moreover there...
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