Google Maps vs. Apple Maps

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Apple Maps Vs. Google Maps


Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is a space based satellite navigation system that provides location and time information all over the globe where there is no obstruction to the line of sight to the GPS satellites. The GPS project was developed in 1973 to overcome the limitations of previous navigation systems. It was originally designed for military use by the U.S. Department of Defense. Advances in technology and the demands created from the popularity of portable electronic devices have modernized the GPS systems for personal use. The civilian demand for GPS products began to surge in the year 2000, when the military ended its practice of intentionally blurring the satellites signals for security reasons. As the geo-referencing technologies increased along with the smart phone, mobile mapping systems have become almost commonplace. Background:

The fact that there has been such an upheaval over the mapping battle between Apple and Google maps have shed light on just how hard it is to build a mobile map. These technologies have become so ingrained in our everyday life that for a map to show a destination that is a few hundred yards off the mark has become a critical flaw. Apple’s most recent maps release gave more attention to the base quality of the application, focusing specifically on voiced navigational directions. But the reality that is continuously evolving around the mobile map of the future is more ambitious than that. Google has had a head start on Apple in terms of their mapping technology, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve by developing a more interactive map.

The future of mobile mapping is going to go way beyond just the satellite imagery and draggable interface. They need to give the user information in real-time. The lightning fast feed needs more than just traffic delays, they need to give up to date information about everything around you. This includes everything from happy hour specials to where your closest friends are. The future of mapping has gone way beyond just the navigational turn-by-turn directions; it has evolved into a social map.

Consumers now consider the navigational functional of the mobile map to be the most basic of commodities. Maps that simply open to a blank page have become relatively boring. Instead of simply orienting the user to their physical surroundings, the maps should help them discover things about those surroundings, such as local movie times at the nearest cinema. The idea of social maps is an active experience. They are densely populated with icons that represent points of interest, or even people. The creation of the social map requires a heavy dose of research and development in three distinct areas: crowdsourcing, big data and the social graph.

Crowdsourcing is the ability to obtain ideas by petitioning for the intellectual contributions from a large sample of people. This practice has become increasingly common through the Internet. It is basically the ability to merge Wikipedia and cartography. For companies that used to post aids in the yellow pages, now they can create their own digital profiles. Those businesses are then in control of regulating their content just as they would any other public advertisement. This information can be algorithmically ranked based on the community, the same technology that Google utilizes for their search engine.

Big data refers to the acquisition of the large amounts of location based data. Once it has been trusted and secured, there are a lot of innovative processes that can be put on top of it. The time of year and day, as well the current weather conditions can act as signals to provide the mapping system with information as to which content is relevant to provide to the user. For instance, if it is snowing the map might recommend a winter park resort as opposed to nearby tennis courts. Researching which...
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