Aquine Memo: Improvement Decision on Sales

Topics: Watch, Clock, Balance wheel Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: February 5, 2013
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To:Howard Gray, Jean Dubois, Uma Gardner, and Amanda Hamilton From:Kristen Edwards
Date: [ 4/26/2012 ]
Re:Improvement decision on sales
There has been a couple of speculation about the reasons for our failing sales. One reason is because of our advertising. Some think that the advertisement of our product is not being recognized by the consumers. Others think it is because our products are not being made by quality products. After careful review of the response to advertising, the perception about chronometers, and the consumers’ profiles, I have viewed that our reason for low sales is not because of advertising but because of the watches being rejected by SOCC. The watches are failing at least three of the tests by SOCC. In order to decrease the rejection of the test to less than 10%, I have done some research on different machineries that would help improve the passing of the tests. After careful review of each tests and their process, I have come to find out that there are three machineries that would improve the testing and lower the rejection percentages. The first one is to upgrade the timing machine. The timing machine will help to test the movement’s performance of the watches. It is also used as a diagnostic tool while assembling the movement and is used as a final time regulation tool. This latest upgrade of the timing machine will give the daily rate, the beat error, and the amplitude on an LCD screen. Another machine is the poising machine which is used to poise the balance wheel. Poising is important as it determines the accuracy of the movement in various positions. And the last machine we would buy is the customized movement holders. The movement holder holds the base plate flat and secure so the rest of the movement is assembled onto it. The movement manufacturers customize holders for each caliber and the base plate fits fully so the watch can be inverted on the dial side for work securely. After careful deliberation...
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