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Our company Riordan was established in 1991 and has since become the industry leader in plastic injection molding. Our company also does customized design, precision medical devices, computer, and room fans. Although these are great industries to be in there is still a great deal of competition. One of those is Rubbermaid who has been around since the early 1920’s. With a company having as much longevity as they do customers tend to go with the nationally recognized name. They are also the makers of Paper Mate and Sharpie. Then there’s Arctic Cooling and Cooling Master. Both companies produce cooling fans with Artic Cooling being the leading manufacturer of CPU fans and they both are known nationwide. Also as far as precision medical devices there is the well-known According to "Johnson and Johnson" (2013), “Johnson and Johnson who made 23.6 billion dollars in 2011”. They started in 1886 and are nationally recognized. In order for our company to make improvements such as expand to other countries and no move could be better than expanding to China which we did in 2000. Although the economy has been stagnant with our company expanding to China we will be able to create more income and maybe even get our product made for a cheaper price. Although there hasn’t been an increase in desk top computer the usage of them is expected to be steady through the year 2015 which mean there will still be a demand for computer fans. Level Two Heading

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