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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Check Point Social Problems


Lori Moon

Check Point Social Problems
Problems are questions that come up as a result of physical service provisions that need to be taken into account when devising solutions. An example of this is out of all of the minority groups that are enrolled in the Unites States School System 60% of Asian students are failing in their courses. Policies are solutions that were established based on problems that were identified for the purpose of ensuring that the organization will meet the standard in which it was intended. An example of this is would be work study programs that would help the students that are failing in their courses to ensure that they succeed and that the problem that caused this issue could be effectively eliminated. A program is an established setting in which the purpose is to fulfill a goal. In this case the goal is to hep students that are struggling academically improve on their skills, and the established setting could be something like tutor sessions or after-school classes. A good example of a program that does this is The Slyvian Center because they have tutors there for those that are middle school through high school to help them in the courses that they need improvement in. There are several social issues that the United States needs to address. Some of those issues include racial tensions, elderly care, poverty, homelessness, and unemployment. Racial tensions have been going on for many years. I think that over recent years many people like to sweep things under the rug, but those issues still exist. People are very sensitive and do not know how to conduct conversions when it comes to race, and therefore people do not even know how to find solutions to this issue if they cannot even talk about it. More effective dialog needs to take place to dispel any incorrect information and stigmas that are prevalent in order to do away with...
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