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Topics: Electronic medical record, Physician, Public records Pages: 5 (1895 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Several weaknesses of paper-based medical records have been identified, such as illegible handwriting, ambiguous and incomplete data, data fragmentation, and poor availability.1 In addition, paper records often become bulky with time, which leads to lack of overview. Because paper records still represent the usual medium for collecting and recording patient data, these weaknesses could impede the continuity and quality of care. Allow for all medical offices to send, receive, and share data & resources throughout the network Upgrade all hardware/software to ensure network operability Allow scalability for growth of and on the network Merge all five medical offices without slowing down current service at any location Provide physical security in addition to complying with the current HIPPA laws Allow for a redundant connection Implement a plan for disaster recovery, backups, and how security will exist and be maintained

Medical institutions in america still would rather use paper to gather information from their patients and also to record surgical procedures, observations, and prescriptions. Some practitioners and physicians find accessing digital records somewhat complicated than obtaining a notepad and a pen. In america, medical records are kept for seven years; for now, they can go on and dispose them. The thing that makes manual keeping of records very exhausting may be the mere undeniable fact that every day, a large number of new records are being stored in hospitals. It will be very complicated to sort medical records of all patients that keep increasing every minute. This complexity often arises to errors that will greatly get a new daily happenings in hospitals, clinics, and all sorts of other healthcare institutions. Aside from being time-consuming, collating records can be hard if you have no main paperback that may contain all information. Electronic medical records eliminate these complaints. With electronic permanent medical record, physicians and dieticians can easily access the required information they need from your patient to proceed with all the treatment. Physicians can make usage of electronic tablets to check the public record information, laboratory tests results, previous medications taken, surgery and other treatments records, and present health. Instead of scanning from your thick file of documents, doctors can observe all the said information in a single click. Electronic medical records can be accessed in a health institution which uses exactly the same program. This greatly reduces the price of faxing, mailing, and transporting medical documents from different institutions. If someone is used in another hospital for additional treatment, his information can be easily obtainable towards the hospital that may take his case. An additional of experiencing electronic patient facts are accuracy. Often, transcriptionists fight to view the writings of physicians; leading to errors. Digital records provides all of them with standard text format that's absolutely readable. It also has security encryptions that will safeguard patients' information. There were numerous cases of lost medical records and documents in hospitals employing papers and storing them on big file cabinets that are a lot of the time- unattended. Nevertheless, electronic medical records may need huge investment from entities and organizations with these. The entire system will need a staff of technical associates that may keep up with the resources and information. It would even be real hard for physicians to gain access to information in the event the method is down or there were technical issues in computers. Aside from all of these, privacy issues and legality are or worry also. Critics of this technology argue the possible proliferation of confidential information. Another thing is that the networking features of electronic medical records can't be utilized whenever a certain hospital or doctor will not use the same program so...
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