Netw410 Week 4 Lab Report-1

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NETW410, Professor’s Name
Lab 4: Connecting Point A to Point B

Lab Report

How should an Internet connection be made for the current campus? Why did you select this option over the others? AT&T is the carrier providing service to the existing campus as well as the new campus. Examine the offerings for Internet access to select the one that should be used. (10 points) ST which is made by at&t is the most popular connector for multimode networks, like most buildings and campuses. It has a bayonet mount and a long cylindrical ferrule to hold the fiber. Most ferrules are ceramic, but some are metal or plastic. And because they are spring-loaded, you have to make sure they are seated properly. If you have high loss, reconnect them to see if it makes a difference.

2. How should the existing and new campus locations be connected to each other? (10 points) The Existing campus locations should be connected to each other via fiber optic cable. Fiber optic cables are less expensive, there is less signal degrading, Non-flammable, and last but not least extremely lightweight compares to the competitors.

3. Should the two locations share an Internet connection? (10 points) Yes. Paying for two separate internet connection methods would be pointless for this scenario. Sharing one connection is more cost effective.

4. Compare the advantages, disadvantages, and cost of fiber optic cable, 5 GHz wireless bridges, and free space optics as a means to interconnect the campus buildings to the IT wing of the Administration Building. (10 points) Fiber optic cable is more expensive of hardware and installation overall, but it is the fastest connection currently. Wireless bridges provide wireless connection, however if the proper precautions are not put into place there may be additional interference and signal loss. Free space optics is perfect for smaller networks and cheap

5. What would be required to interconnect the existing campus...
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