Pc-Pc Fibre Optic Communication

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The project PC to PC fiber optic communication deals with data transfer from one computer to another. It uses C programming and the serial ports of the PCs. The ports are programmed in C. We use MAX 232 to convert RS 232 logic to TTL logic and then an optical transmitter circuit to transmit data via fiber optic cable. The optical transmitter circuit has a LED which is matched as far the cable and MAX 232 is concerned. At the receiver we have an optical receiver circuit which receives data using a photo transistor and a MAX 232 again to convert TTL logic to RS 232 for the serial port at the receiving end computer. The desired baud rate can be set using the program. For transmitting data the program is executed once and whatever is present at the serial port is sent to the other Computer via the fiber optic cable. At the receiver the program is executed to receive data on the serial port.

Data transfer is the need of the hour. Surely people can use internet for this. But presently it would be time consuming. One can implement data transfer using wireless medium. But then it will be a costly affair. The need, therefore, is felt for fiber optic communication which is cheaper and more suitable for the task. It is cheaper than wireless medium and is prone to lesser loss as compared to wireless medium. Fiber optics has their own advantages; larger bandwidth, high speeds, only to name a few. Therefore, we need to use optic fibers for the internet and LANs.

In the very beginning we have tried to send ASCII characters between two computers. But as we proceeded further we realized that this project can help transfer files at desired speed between two PCs. If we expand the idea a bit further, a network of PCs can be connected, like in the cable net available today. The Conventional LAN cables can be replaced by fiber optic cables which can provide...
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