Netflix Marketing

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Assignment 1
Daniel Carrington
Matthew Hufnagel
March`30, 2013

Assignment 1
Netflix is a internet based DVD rental service that starts the exchange process by offering subscriptions to its services to the public. The consumer subscribes at a monthly fee giving them access to a 60,000 DVD library. Once a customer has paid their monthly fee they can have a predetermined amount of DVDs sent to their house. After the consumer has finished with their DVD selection they have the option of returning it for another with never accruing any late fees. Netflix would be categorized under a marketing orientation philosophy. By using tools like cinematch Netflix is demist rating customer focus and organizing there products based on customer satisfaction. Netflix go’s as far to have a specific team who only purpose is call backs to customers who have had complaints to find out how the issue could have been prevented in the first place. This type of relationship marketing will increase customer satisfaction by showing that Netflix is listening to what the customer wants, which will build good rapport with customers allowing for a long lasting relationship. Restructuring and offering new features based on customers suggestions also shows good relationship marketing I am personally exposed to Netflix advertising on almost a daily basis. I am a subscriber who uses the watch instantly feature, I find the advertising very positive and not over baring. It makes their product known but not in a used car sales men kind of way. By not pressuring me with pop up adds everywhere I go, I feel more encouraged to look at what they have to offer. I do remember their holiday over of gifting, I thought it was a clever way to get there product endorsed by word of mouth which is often the best advertisement. By giving people a free trial presented by trusted friends and family it puts a positive spin on their product by association
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