Nestle Vision N Mission

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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1. Group Membersi. Sami ur Rahman (Group leader) 52ii. Haider Khan 72iii. Rameez16iv. Kalsoom 42 2. Table of contentsIntroductionCompany brandsMission and vision statement4P’sSWOT AnalysisCustomer driven strategiesBCG MatrixConclusion and Recomondation 3. INTRODUCTION Founded in 1867 in switzerland by Henri Nestle’s(pharmasist) Developed a food for babies (save the child life’s) In 1950 Nestle’s merged with Anglo-swiss condensedmilk company, which was opreating inUS,Bartain,Germany & Spain Today, Nestle is the world leading Food Company Head quater in Switizerland, opreating companies inAmerica, Africa, Asia, Oceania In 1988 Milkpak in Pakistan, merged with milk companyin shikarpura, in same year ,lunched FROST juice Switzerland. It is a foodprocessing company, registeredon the Karachi and Lahorestock exchanges. One factory in Islamabad and 2in Karachi producebottled water. 4. COMPANY OFFERING Milk products Nestle Milkpak UHT Milk Milk pak Butter Milk pak cream Milk desi Ghee Foods products Baby foods Botteled water Cereals Ice cream Drinks Health care nutrition 5. Mission and Vision statementsMission Nestle mission is to provide the best food to peoplethroughout the world.Vision “At Nestle, we believe that research can help us tomake better food, so that people live a better life.” Meet the nutrition needs of consumers of all ages Nestle pak ltd envision the company to develop anextreamly motivated and professionally trainedworkforce 6. Nestle’s 4P’sProduct Product is something that is offered to the market. Nestle safe, pure, refreshing and healthy water isthe product of Nestle. recently it has offered a 0.25 liter bottle of NPL inthe market Nestle people say: “Quality is our more successfulproduct and it is key to our success today andtomorrow.” 7. Place Placement is the distribution of the product to itscustomers at right time, in right quantity, at rightprice and at right place. To ensure this, channeladopted by the...
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