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The Nespresso story began with a simple, but revolutionary idea: enable anyone to create a perfect cup of espresso coffee – with exquisite crema, tantalizing aroma and full-bodied taste –just like skilled baristas. ' A profitability " close to levels registered(recorded) in the industry of the luxury The Nespresso story began in the 1970’s when Nestlé, the world leader in food, anticipated the growing gourmet coffee market and decided to take espresso inventor Luiggi Bezzera’s original concept a step farther. The totally integrated Nespresso System, developed after long years of research and many patents, revolutionized the portioned coffee market and started a new era of encapsulated coffee. Historical Highlights

The company, Nespresso SA, is set up in Vevey, Switzerland with a staff of five including one secretary. Nespresso is launched in Switzerland and Italy with the C100 and C1100 machine models manufactured by Turmix and targeted to the office coffee service (OCS) sector. Capsule production begins in Orbe, Switzerland, and coffee varieties include Bolero, Capriccio, Cosi and Decaffeinato. 1987

Nespresso is launched on the Italian and Japanese household markets. A “Service” department is set up to follow-up with customers in Switzerland. Technical assistance is provided by two employees called “Baristas”. 1988

Both the machine’s technical performance and the capsule technology are perfected. Operations are still focused on the OCS business. 1989
Nespresso launches on the Swiss household market and the Nespresso Club makes its debut. The company moves offices to Pully, Switzerland and comprises a staff of 15 people. 1990
Market tests begin in the USA. The Veneto (now Volluto) coffee variety is introduced as a replacement for Bolero. “Special Club”, blended from exceptional and rare annual harvests, is launched as an exclusive coffee variety limited to year-end sales. 1991

World leader Eugster Frismag AG becomes the exclusive producer of...
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