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Marketing Planning
Nestle UK

Table of Contents
1.0 Executive Summary3
2.0 Mission Statement4
3.0 Financial Summary4
4.0 PEST analysis5
5.0 Competitor Analysis6
6.0 Market Summery6
6.1 Market Growth Rate7
6.2 Retail sales of coffee in UK market9
6.3 Total coffee Sales in UK9
6.4 Instant Coffee brand Leader in UK10
6.5Market Segmentation10
6.6Target Market11
6.7Market Positioning12
7.0 SWOT analysis of Nestle12
8.0 Marketing Objective14
9.0 Marketing Strategies14
9.1 Product14
9.2 Price15
9.3 Place15
10.0 Financial Analysis and Forecast16
11.0 Conclusion17

1.0 Executive Summary

Nestle UK is the subsidiary company of Nestle SA, the world’s topmost and leading Health and wellness company, and fastest growing nutrition based company. Nestle is the major and leading player in the fastest growing UK food industry. Nestle provide employment to around 7000 employees spread over the 19 sites. It was estimated that more than 95% of households of UK consumes product made under the umbrella of Nestle. Every year more than 2 billion Nestle product sold in the market of UK every year by Nestle. Nestlé’s UK division is one of the leading exporters in more than 50 countries across the world which effectively comes to be £260m worth of export in terms of product. (Annual Report, 2011) NESCAFE is one of the leading and most popular brand under the umbrella of Nestle, it facilitates good flavor, provide natural goodness with convenience. This is one of the successful brands of Nestle and built with carefully pocked coffee beans which provide different aromas and deliver unique experience to the consumer. By launching new product like NESCAFE green and by the help of innovation in the existing product like NESCAFE Dolce Gusto, company can improve its market share and it helps in maintaining the leadership in the market. Here we are presenting marketing plan to capture these premium segment by launching NESCAFE green and by modifying the existing condition of the existing product NESCAFE Dolce Gusto.

2.0 Mission Statement

This is the part of company’s corporate policy. Company is Aiming in the field of Nutrition, Health and Wellness towards enhancement of the consumer’s services by enhancing quality in everyday lives. This can be achieve by offering food services tastier and healthier offering wide variety of beverages choice and this can be done by encouragement of healthy and safe lifestyle. This thing reflects in Nestlé’s corporate policies which are popularly known as corporate preposition for “Good Food, Good Life”. 3.0 Financial Summary

| Data in Million of CHF|
| 2010| 2011|
Global Sales| 87906| 83642|
Sales in UK| 2900| 2678|
% of Global Sales in UK| 3.3%| 3.2%|
Operating Profit| 12676| 12538|
Operating Profit % of Sales| 14.4%| 15.0%|
Net Financial Debt| 3854| 14319|
Ratio-Net financial Debt to Equity| 6.20%| 25.20%|
Source: (Annual Report, 2011)
It is observed from the annual statement of the Nestle that Global sales have come down from 87906 to 83642, it has been decreased by 4.85%. This downfall also reflects in UK market and it has been decreased from 2900 to 2678, which comes to be decrement of 7.66%. This downfall is due to global economic pressure which is the major issue in developed countries and due to volatility in currency prices. Operating profit as a percentage of sales marginally increased from 14.4% to 15%. It was seemed from the annual report that over the period of 1 year company has accommodate huge level of Debt and its Net financial debt to equity ratio has increased from 6.2% to 25.2% which was very huge change.

4.0 P.E.S.T.L.E. analysis
Political analysis| Year 2011 was full of dramatic event and always in headlines and tends to focus in shocking and negative events. But in the reality was well balanced and open a door of new challenges along with...
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