Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela fight against apartheid
When you talk about racisim, discrimination, slavery and others, you maybe think about blacks. Mandela have been through a lot in his life. Nelson Mandela, born 1918 in the city of Transkei, was a south african resistance leader who, after years of imprisonment for opposing apartheid, emerged to become the first black president of South Africa and a winner of the Noble Peace Prize. Nelson Mandela is a lawer, former rebel leader and a former president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, regarded as the most important leader of Black Africa, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 1993, and Father of the Fatherland of the modern South African nation. By 2009 he had devoted 67 years of his life in service to humanity (as a human rights lawyer and prisoner of conscience, until he became the first president of free South Africa, which is why in his honor the ONU created the International Day of Nelson Mandela on the day of his birth, in order to enhance around the world struggle for freedom, justice and democracy). The apartheid refers to implementing a policy of racial segregation developed in South Africa, this was prepared by direct descendants of the pioneers who settled the African continent, especially Europe, among which are the Dutch, French and German, called Afrikaners . The process of racial segregation in South Africa began even in the seventeenth century, when they reached the countries mentioned in the design of these settlers, they would create a perfect society, went further, they believed they were chosen by God, so put in practice the separation between whites and blacks, which lasted until the 90s. In 1948, apartheid became official, this law all items left explicit restrictions on black, with the aim of favoring the white minority. The law was modeled on the principle of conservation and cultural purity, as judged...
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