Neil Armstrong

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There are many types of Bridges. Some common types of Bridges include Beam, Arch, Suspension, Cantilever, Truss, and Cable-Stayed bridges. Bridges are ancient. They have been with us for over 2500 years. The Zhaozhou Bridge is the oldest standing Arch Bridge. It was built in 605 AD. Beam bridges are one of the most simplest types of bridges. The Beam Bridge could be anything as simple as a plank of wood. Or a complex structure. The Beam Bridge is composed up two or more supports that hold up a beam. Arch Bridges are one of the oldest types of bridges. They have been around for thousands of years. Arch Bridges are capable of holding a lot of weight. Mostly by the way the bridge is shaped. The weight is transferred to the supports at either end. Suspension Bridges are one of the longest types of bridges. Suspension Bridges can span distances from 2,000 to 7,000 feet far. Depending on how they are built. They are ideal for covering busy waterways. A Suspension bridge suspends the roadway from huge main cables, which extend from one end of the bridge to the other. There cables rest on top of high towers and have to be securely anchored into the bank at either end of the bridge. Cantilever Bridges are composed of cantilevers back to back with a beam bridge between the cantilevers. They are used for crossing large spans. A Cantilever Bridge is a fixed bridge that attaches to a vertical support on only one end of the bridge. Truss Bridges are bridges whose load-bearing superstructure is composed of a truss. This truss is a structure of connecting elements forming triangular units. The connected elements may be stressed from tension, compression, or sometimes both in response to dynamic loads. Truss Bridges also have a durable but unique structure. Truss bridges are one of the oldest types of modern Bridges. Cable-Stayed Bridges are one or two towers above the bridge deck in the middle of the span. From these towers cables are attached diagonally to the...
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