Anzac Bridge

Topics: Concrete, Box girder bridge, Building materials Pages: 2 (342 words) Published: February 11, 2011
The Anzac Bridge was first opened in 1995 was designed by Ken Wheeler from the RTA and took 6 years to build by the company Baulderstone Hornibrook. It is cable stayed bridge with a semi fan arrangement of the cables. It was built to replace the Glebe Island Bridge due to the bridge being unable to cope with large amounts of traffic. The Anzac Bridge was designed as a motorway to ease congestion and allow my traffic to flow through the bridge as well as including pedestrian paths and a bicycle path. It was designed to appear as ‘cathedral like’ when passing through the bridge with its ‘vaulted canopy of stay cables’. It was originally designed to be a conventional box girder bridge before being altered to be a cable stayed bridge. The materials that were used to construct this bridge consisted of prestressed concrete, steel casings, prestressed steel, reinforcing steel wire strands and polyethylene. It was built on each side of the land and was eventually connected together in the middle. It was constructed by using a formtraveller (a travelling formwork) and setting up the formwork before positioning and tensioning the cables. They then proceeded to place the reinforcement cement and pouring on the concrete. This was made in a cycle with each cycle being used to make It was named ‘Anzac Bridge’ to honour the memory of the ANZAC’s in WW1 and to commemorate the new name, and Australian and New Zealand flag was placed upon the Eastern and Western tower respectively.

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