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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Globalization and Technology on Negotiation
Negotiations can be a complex process that can impact the lives of many individuals and effect even more people if conducted on a global level. Many companies and governments negotiate with one another in order to develop agreements that are mutually beneficial to each other. Saee, J. (2008).

Individual with different needs meet and participate in a negotiation in order to come to an agreement. Individuals from different cultural backgrounds may participate in a negotiation and may have different interpretations of topics because they think differently. The purpose of a negotiation is to make an agreement or solve an existing problem.

A negotiation gives all parties involved in the subject of discussion the opportunity to address their views and concerns about the discussion. Technology can be used to allow people over great distances to communicate with each other and facilitate a negotiation. This paper will address globalization and technologies impact on negotiation by analyzing an article that addresses a global topic. Article Analysis

In the selected article, (“WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: development of an evidence based global public health treaty,” 2003). The selected article describes negotiation between Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland director of the World Health organization and other governments concerning the health effects of tobacco on the world.

Dr. Brundtland wants to reduce the amount of individuals that use tobacco products by explaining the harmful effects of tobacco use. The article describes Dr. Brundtlands strategy in persuading individuals from other countries to accept the Doctors point of view and make decisions on a global level. Strategy

The goal of the negotiation is to inform individuals about the harmful effects of the use of tobacco products and establish laws that reduce tobacco consumption. In the attempt to persuade individuals that are involved in the...
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