Culture-Based Negotiation Styles

Topics: Negotiation, Cross-cultural Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: December 28, 2011
Culture-Based Negotiation Styles
How do you perceive the Japanese? Or the Mexicans? Or the Germans? You probably have certain preconceived ideas about people from other cultures. These perceptions are probably not factually based, but they nevertheless exist and they influence the way you would approach negotiations with foreigners. Nowadays more and more organizations are entering the international market; we find it necessary to acquaint you with the cross-cultural peculiarities of negotiations. Also we think it will be useful for you to know some facts about it because we are the students of the faculty of international relations. Our presentation contains 4 main parts: Russian, German, American and Spanish negotiating styles. We want to start with our nearest neighbour’s negotiating peculiarities – Russian. Negotiations are demanding and may become emotional. You may find your Russian negotiator banging her or his fist on the table or leaving the room. Accept such tactics with patience and calmness. They are designed to make it difficult for you to concentrate. Russian negotiating teams are often made up of experienced managers whose style can be like a game of chess, with moves to planed in advance. Wanting to make compromises may be seen as a sign of weakness. Distinguish between your behaviour inside and outside the negotiations. Impatience toughness and emotions during the negotiations should be met with calmness, patience and consistency. Outside the negotiating process you can show affection and personal sympathy. Now we are going to speak about German negotiating culture. It’s important to say that Belarus and Germany have many contacts in economics and culture. So as well as being formal, negotiations are direct. German managers speak their mind. They place grate weight on the clarity of a subject matter and get to the point quickly. Excessive enthusiasm or compliments are rare in German...
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