Negative Impacts of Internet on Children

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The Internet has allowed us to access information and communicate globally due to its unstoppable developments. With the Internet, everything becomes easy and  simple to access. According to Children Trends Databank, “the rate of internet usage has increased continuously over the past few years because of those advancements and benefits. In 2010, almost six out of ten children ages three to seventeen used the Internet at home (57 percent), nearly three times as many as in 1997 (22 percent). Eighty-five percent had access to a computer at home, up from 15 percent in 1984” (Children Databank 1). However, everything has two sides, the Internet also has some negative impact on users, especially on children. The Internet carries a wide range of information, and that information online keeps growing exponentially. It becomes uncontrollable, which causes harm to children if they are not directed to use it correctly or without parental guidance. It is conspicuous that children are easily influenced. As a result, the exposure to Internet, content that is inappropriate, strongly affects the children’s minds in a negative way. In fact, the overexposure to Internet usage can alter children’s development. From a data that was collected by Professor Angeline Khoo, in Perth, Australia, 93 percent of children, varied from ten to seventeen years old use Internet frequently for multi purposes, (Khoo 1). Jacquelynne S. Eccles, a professor of psychology, education at the University of Michigan, has done a study which found that the age between ten and seventeen are a time of important development. During this developing age,

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children start to form their sense of identity. During these years, children’s’ bodies and minds are transformed by the biological and cognitive changes (Eccles 1). Their development is dramatically influenced as they enter school, interact with peers, adults not in the family. Nowadays, children are allowed to use Internet at a very young age, this even increases the risk of Internet more than before. According to a research done by the National Centre for Education Statistic in 2003, “about three- quarters of 5-year-olds use computers, and over 90 percent of teens (ages 13-17) do so. About 25 percent of 5-year-olds  use the Internet, and this number rises to over 50 percent by age 9 and to at least 75 percent by ages 15-17” (Debell 5). Since Internet has always been one of the most important communication tool, it’s highly favored by children as they start to step into the adulthood.  Also, due to the fast-growing technology, children tend to prefer Internet to other old-based methods such as books or telephones. In accordance with CNN, when the children reach two years old, more than 90 percent of them have an online history. Moreover, when they are five, 50 percent of them interact with a computer or other devices regularly (Clinton 1). Besides the massive amount of information online, children are also attracted by other aspects like online game, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others. These attractions on Internet even contribute more to the concerns of the parents about their children’s Internet usage. “The Internet has some positive aspects but there are also negative aspects to the information highway. There is now some concern from

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educators and psychologist about the impact of the Internet on the physical, cognitive, and social development of children” (“Child Development” 1). In fact, most children with a heavy use of Internet tend to isolate themselves from the surrounding environment. Apparently, as children spend more time with the internet, they spend less time in physical activities. The Telegraph has prompted an article, which states that children spend more than seven hours online nowadays, means using one third of their day for online activities. According to researchers at the Stanford Institute of the Quantitative Study of Society (SIQSS), “compared to...
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