Negative Impact of Tv on Children

Topics: Criminal Investigation Department, The Sun, Liverpool F.C. Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: February 10, 2013
The Hillsborough disaster of 1989 and the “phone hacking” scandal by the News of the world is an essential fail of British media in terms of investigation the truth. The Hillsborough disaster was investigated by Independent Police Complaints Commission and The News of the world phone hacking has been under police investigation by the London Metropolitan. This essay will examine how the events occur and why it has taken so long for the media to publish the truth.

The semi-final match Liverpool versus Nottingham Forest football cubs at the Hillsborough stadium in 1989 is a renowned calamity of British football history. After the match, 96 audiences passed away and 766 individuals suffered injuries to their bodies. What was a contributing factor in this tragedy. The crush started from an ineffective approach to transfer viewers to the stadium, many thousand fans were recommended to stay in their seats fifteen minutes beforehand, whereas they was restricted number of turnstiles. This behavior resulted in there were plenty of serious overcrowding outside the stadium. Chief Superintendent Duckenfield responded the situation with opening exit gate in order to reduce the pressure outside the ground. Numerous fans hurried to reach their seat without a conscious of fatal scandal, the new wave of audiences rushed entry into stadium put more pressure on others who were standing close to the fence. As a result, they had to break a crush barrier in order to rescue themselves and others from this tragedy, and the game could not continue. Although Emergency services came to rescue injured fans of the incident, a lot of viewers were dead and injured. This is because lacking in appropriate method to manage the severe situation of the public agencies, particularly in the scale of thousands of individuals.

After the event, senior police officers in South Yorkshire denied to responsibility for the fatal event, but they accused the fans of being late and drunk, and the club...
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