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Planning a safe sporting activity
Task 3
Describe three procedures used to promote and maintain a healthy and safe sporting environment (P4). Explain three procedures used to promote and maintain a health and safety sporting environment (M3). Analyse three procedures used to promote and maintain a healthy and safe sporting environment. The Football Spectators Act was introduced in 1989 because of the incident at Hillsborough which lead to many people being killed. The Hillsborough disaster occurred during the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on the 15th April. This was where 96 people died due to a lack of attention on the steward’s behalf. This was because they had opened up a tunnel leading into one of the stands and this was unmanned which meant that many people could walk in without the stewards knowing how many people were in the tunnel and in the stand. This mad rush of people meant that supporters were being crushed and some fans even climbed over the fences or were lifted up by fellow supporters onto the stand above to escape the crushing. Soon after the match started the crush barrier broke and fans began to fall on top of each other. The game was stopped after 6 minutes of play. Some fans tore down advertisement to use as stretchers and emergency services were called to provide assistance. This act is there to control the admission of spectators at designated football matches in England and Wales. The Fire Safety and Places Of Sport act was introduced in the 1980s because of, a serious fire occurred during a football match at the Bradford City Football Ground during which 56 persons lost their lives. Standard operating procedures

Standard operating procedures are there to outline the day to day running of the building/place. Standard operating procedures ensure that both staff and management are kept safe form injury or illness. All sports facilities should have a set of standard operating Procedures, known as standard,...
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