Need of Electricity

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  • Published : September 27, 2009
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Electricity's impact on Society
Electricity has had multiple impacts on society both positve and negative. Electricity has had an effect on everyone in the world, even though some people have no understanding or have no use for electricity. For example, there are tribes in the Amazon who have never seen a lightbulb who have never beared witness too the heracy of Big brother and yet they are still effected by electricity. The chainsaws which cut down their beloved forests are designed by a man called Jenkins, on an Autocad system. And This computer dosen't run off hope and daring, no it runs off electricity. There is more bad news too, Al Gore reckons that making our electricity is going to send our beloved planet on a downward spiral of failure. According to him, rising global temperatures will melt the polar ice caps, causing all those expensive homes along the shore to submerge under water. It will also cause the trade winds to reverse, which will go un-noticed because our boats are powered by engines. Their is also negative effects for ordinary Joe Bloggs, the lack of physical excerise required to wash the dishes, clean your cloths and to entertain one's self will add to the obesity epidemic with growing laziness due to the dependence on machines and electricity. One's children are becoming mindless zombies, slaves to TV and computer games. Sure their are positives, but they just lead to more negatives. however electricity is like a drug and we, society are the junkies unable to live without a fix and totally dependent on electricity.


Thank you for visiting our web pages on electricity! The web page and links below are designed to inform you about the ways in which we create electricity, the ways in which we use electricity, and to supply information on electricity itself. Electricity plays a big part in the lives of many people, yet few know how it actually works, so lets start with the basics:

The basic unit of all matter is an atom. The atom is...
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