Need and Criminal Justice Degrees

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Hobbies/Values/Goals Speech
Have you ever thought about what you love to do, what you want to do and the things you feel obligated to or to not do? Has it ever occurred to you that your values, hobbies and goals coincide? For instance, our values, in some way, determine how we live, what we enjoy and where we want to go in life.

Three values that are most important to me are honesty, loyalty and self-discipline. Honesty, because no one should be lied to-it hurts and is pointless, the truth will always come out in time. Also, loyalty because no one deserves to go through life alone, not able to share their secrets and struggles-we all need someone to trust wholeheartedly. Finally, I believe in self-discipline. We need to be able to push ourselves and do what needs to be done, even if it is undesirable, because ultimately no one besides you can make you do anything. X. That being said, I ensure that my spare time is only consumed by the things I truly enjoy dong.

My top three hobbies happen to be tumbling, singing and reading. Tumbling is my favorite part of cheer because it takes so much focus and I find it amazing what we can train our bodies to do. Singing is something I enjoy doing when I’m all by my lonesome (seeing as how I have no confidence in exposing my voice). Last-but not least-of my hobbies it reading. I love escaping from my own reality for a while and into someone else’s, just letting my mind go numb for a bit. X. Although when I do visit my own reality I am planning out my future goals.

First and foremost of these is to attend college and receive my psychology and criminal justice degrees, allowing me to reach my second goal which is to become a criminal profiler for the government. My last goal is to travel to as many beautiful places with my best friends as possible. X. Though, in the end it all comes back around to the values I was brought up with.

I believe that if I was raised with different morals that would enjoy and want far...
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