Need and Converse Costumers

Topics: Need, Want, Concept Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: September 3, 2012
Case 1 question for discussion

1. What are the needs, wants, and demands that Converse costumers demonstrate? Differentiate these tree concepts. Converse costumers need shoes. They need shoes for safety reasons and to be properly clothed, everyone needs shoes. What the costumers want are converse shoes which has one of the widest range of customers from the average Joe like me to one of the hottest celebrities like Lil Wayne. Then what most costumers demand a shoes that can benefit them in more than one way for full satisfaction and converse fall under that category. They are highly fashionable, give you great ankle support and are extremely light weight.

2. What are Converse and customers exchanging in the purchase transaction? Describe in detail all the facets of Converse’s product and its relationship with customers. In the purchase transaction the customers are exchanging their money for the converse shoe. The relationship between the customers and Converse is incredibly strong. They trust that in return for their money they’ll receive a dependable, stylish, and most important authentic shoe, giving the customers exactly what they want. Then Converse expects their customers to be loyal in return and you can see that they have a fabulous relationship with their customer because the company has had tremendous success over the decades of its life.

3. Which of the five marketing management concepts best applies to Convers? The production management concept is what best applies to converse. This concept holds that customers will favor products that are available and highly affordable. Also, Converse does focus on improving production and distribution efficiency.

4. What are the benefits and drawbacks of Converse’s “Stand-back” approach? I’d say that benefits for this stand-back approach are that Converse will be able to maintain a decent amount of customers but unfortunately will not progress and won’t be able to compete with the other...
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