Topics: Drinking water, Water purification, Philippines Pages: 3 (578 words) Published: March 9, 2013
St. Paul University Philippines
Tuguegarao City, Cagayan 3500

A Project Proposal
Submitted to the Faculty of School of Arts, Sciences and
Teacher Education (SASTE)
Barangay Water Refilling Station
In partial fulfillment of the
Course Requirement in the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Vima Dame Bayangan
Rachele B. Donato
Ma. Erieca B. Pamittan
Francis Kim f. Franco
Mrs. Marites Tenedor

I. Project Profile
A. Title of the Project
Barangay Water Refilling Station
B. Proponents:
* Vima Dame Bayangan
* Rachele B. Donato
* Ma. Erieca B. Pamittan
* Francis Kim F. Franco
C. Implementing Collage/ Unit:
School of Health Sciences, Saint Paul University Philippines, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan D. Project Site
Barangay Bugatay, Zone 3, Peňablanca, Cagayan
E. Project Duration:
March to May 2013
F. Total Project Cost:
P 80,000.00

II. Project Proposal Proper
A. Introduction
Water Refilling Station is an alternative source of drinking water supply in the Philippines by B. B. Magtibay The demand at the water refilling stations – water stores that sell purified water – is now increasing. The quality of purified water conforms to the national standards for drinking water and is even better than the quality of water produced by traditional water supply systems in terms of removed impurities. Over the years, as the demand for cleaner water becomes higher, the price of household water purifiers and bottled water has become prohibitive. At present, about 3,000 water refilling stations have proliferated nationwide. They sell purified water of comparable quality with bottled water at a lower price. For example, the current price per gallon of refilled purified water in Manila ranges from P 50 to P 120 per gallon container while in Tuguegarao City it ranges from P 30 to P 50. The “potable water” supplied by the providers is then further purified by utilizing a combination of water treatment equipment,...
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