Case Fairchild Water Technologies, Inc.

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1. The difference between a developing and a developed country are typically based on economics. A developing country usually has a low level of affluent citizens, and higher levels of unemployment. Developing countries also have lower education rates, and often times undeveloped, rural type villages. Developed countries usually have technological advantages, better roads, stable governments, higher education rates, and good health care. 2. By performing some research over the internet, I found out some figures that could justify the attractive of the Indian market. For instance, globally more than one billion people lack access to safe drinking water and approximately 2.4 Billion people lack access to proper sanitation, nearly all of them in the developing countries, including India. Nearly a third of the world’s population worldwide live in water-stressed areas. This figure is expected to rise to two-third of the population by 2025.

Base on the numbers mentioned above, the increasing number of people becoming conscious of the risks of drinking contaminated water, the demand for water purifiers is rising rapidly. In the past few years, Indian water purifier industry has an exponential growth of 22%. The industry saw high growth of rate 17% during 2008 due to the increasing awareness for safe drinking water; on 2009 the water purifier industry sales grew dramatically as well. According to Indian Water Purifier industry will continue its growth trajectory and is expected to growth of more than 22% for 2014, as per some market research.

From my point of view, the Indian market has tremendous potential which is more evident when you see the big companies trying to get a big peace of the pie in the Indian market. Now a day, there are three principal players in India and more are trying to penetrate this market. However as all the competitors, in this case the purifiers companies have to work on...
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