Aquaporin Pi Water

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Rm. 1018 G/F V.V. Soliven Bldg., Edsa Greenhills, San Juan City Contact Numbers: 2680349/ 09235955247/ 09398698832/ 09052502523/ 09227397871 Website: E-mail add:

Rm. 1018 G/F V.V. Soliven Bldg., Edsa Greenhills, San Juan City Contact Numbers: 2680349/ 09235955247/ 09398698832/ 09052502523/ 09227397871 Website: E-mail add:


Lampara Multi-Purpose Cooperative (LMPC), registered with the Cooperative Development Authority on June 12, 2007 with Registration No. D-623-6240 has been organized to help people maximize their potentials to live a healthy, productive life and in the process become responsible members of Society. LMPC educates its members to earn and save the cooperative way.

LMPC has recently sourced out an exclusive Systems Provider for healthy, nutritious and highly oxygenized Anti-Oxidant Pi Water originally researched and developed in Japan and enhanced in Korea. This newly structured Pi Water Systems Provider has upgraded its Pi Water System with US-made 16-stages Synergy machine that makes the Pi water an anti-oxidant water and with the German Technology oxygen-generating machine developed by the Department of Science and Technology.

The Pi water produced by the system has been tested to have an even higher effect than any of the Pi Waters introduced in the Philippines to date due to its unique qualities and characteristics presented below.

LMPC is now ready to distribute domestically and internationally the AQUAPORIN PI WATER SYSTEM equipped with the latest technology in Pi Water System. The investors in the Aquaporin Anti-Oxidant Pi Water Refilling Station will be assured of a profitable, unique, and healthy business venture.


Aquaporin Pi Water has been synergized by the Bio-Nano technology to produce an even reduced water molecule clusters for greater absorption and interaction by the cells of the body, higher water-based mineral contents because of its mineral enhancer cartridge that produces a stable alkaline water with pH 7.8 on the meter, greater energy enhanced by its far infrared cartridges and higher oxygen content with its DOST-developed oxygen generating machine. It has been further powered by a Synergy machine that makes the water an anti-oxidant water. These qualities of the Aquaporin Pi Water will ensure that the water we drink is healthy, nutritious, energized and contains higher level of oxygen like no other.


1. The Aquaporin Antioxidant Pi Water Refilling System aims to optimize return of investment employing the marketing strategies adopted by LMPC. Once established, the Aquaporin Pi Water Refilling Station (APWRS) becomes a branch of LMPC to serve as the center of operation and marketing service for its members.

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2. The Systems’ flagship (Aquaporin Antioxidant Pi Water’s) characteristics are:

3.1 It has the most minimal piping problems with 50 years warranty on parts. The materials used are guaranteed to survive ageing, cracking, breakage from pressure and bumps, and many more;

2.2 It employs commercial filtration and machineries in processing alkaline, mineralized and Synergized Bio-Nano Pi Waters that is capable of producing an anti-oxidant water; 2.3 It incorporates the latest technology called OPS or Oxygen Processing System that was Department of Science and Technology (DOST) tested to have high beneficial health effect;

2.4 Its system-parts passed all standards for safe-drinking water; 2.5 Each system installed is registered in the Bureau of Health...
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