Neat People vs. Sloppy People

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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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Questions for Discussions
a. One of the examples is that sloppy people give attention to every detail. In other words they get attached to everything they come in contact with. Whether is a newspaper, a litter, or even a rubber band. On the contrary neat people have a low moral because they place themselves over everything. They are just interested in the end result and will do anything in their powers of accomplishing it. b. After reading this paragraph 2 I fully agree with Britt. I found this to be true because that is a good explanation of me and my actions. This idea is also repeated in paragraph three, four and five, where the explanation of sloppy people is so vivid. c. She does focus on the clutter, or the disorderly manner of sloppy people, but also the writer implies other aspects on the two groups. d. I believe that Britt is a sloppy person. That can be seen through the essay and the tone of it as well. Britt states the positive sides of sloppy people, and only the negative sides of the neat people. e. On the contrary. I find this essay to be extremely serious, with a purpose of informing readers about the way how sloppy people and neat people can be analyzed. On the other hand, there are no serious implications to it. f. No, under no circumstances does she prove that neat people are lazy and mean, and that sloppy people are less so. Britt only gives some examples, and more of her own view and opinion.
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