Let the Children Play

Topics: Learning, Critical thinking, Writing Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: September 30, 2011
Enrolment Day Written Task

1. The title ‘let the children play’ suggests ideas such as; let the children be free or leave the children to do what children should do. 2. The writers main argument is that parents today are molly-coddling the next generation and denying them the opportunity to mature and develop essential life skills. b. Her concerns are that the next generation of children will grow up almost scared of the outside world. They will learn to be distrusting of adults and also people around them. They will not have learnt basic life skills which in turn will actually leave them at greater risk when eventually discovering risk, danger and responsibility. 3. My view on the suggestion ‘the kinds of photos that have traditionally appeared in many a family album are now treated as being akin to potential child pornography’ is that unfortunately the writer is correct. I agree with the writer’s suggestion because disappointingly this is how our society now thinks. 4. I feel the writer does convince me that what she is suggesting is right. She shows clear evidence, through a number of different researches that parents of today are inclined to overprotect and oversupervised their children. She also gives great examples of skills that we do learn as children when left to resolve a number of situations ourselves. 5. I feel the writer has given compelling evidence to her argument. However, if she were to convince me further it would be to prove that the children of the next generation are in fact distrusting of adults, and do they lack the skills, she feels, we develop as independent children left to play.
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