Nayaka Is the Honarary Title of Boyar / Valmiki / Bedar People in India

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Gounder=Kannadia Okkaliga Gowder=Gawara=Chouhan=Parihar=Chalukkya=


 [pic]Sri Valmiki Sage, Author of Ramayanam

The above are same caste

The Nayak is honorary and hereditary title of the Boya Caste People in India, the word boya spelled in few types, those were Boyar,Boyer,Bhoya,Bhoyar,Bhoi,Boir and Bhoirs and they alias as Bedar, The Bedar means the hunters of mountaineers, so the mountaineers of boya people hold the hereditary title of Nayak. Madakari Nayaka or Madakari Nayaka V was the last ruler of Chitradurga, India. (Chitaldrug (' Spotted castle,' or 'Umbrella rock'). — Chief town of the District of Chitaldrug, Mysore State; 126 miles north-west of Bangalore. Lat. 14 14' n., long. 76 26' e. Population (188 1) 4271. The modern town stands at the north-east base of a cluster of hills, covered with extensive fortifications. Many inscriptions have been found of the Chalukya, Ballala, and Vijayanagar dynasties. Local history commences with the family of the Chitaldrug palegdrs, who trace back to the 15th century. Their hereditary title was Nayak, and they claimed descent from the Bedar or Boya caste of hunters and mountaineers. They gradually extended their power on ail sides until they came into collision with Haidar Ali, who captured Chitaldrug in 1779.) [pic]Chitradurga Fort                     [pic]Madakari Nayaka  

Naik:— The word Naik (Nayaka, a leader or chief) is used, by the older writers on Southern India, in several senses. 1. The Native captain or headman.
2. A title of honour among Hindus in the Deccan.
3. The general name of the kings of Vijayanagara, and of the Lords of Madura and other places.4 Naidu or Nayudu is a title of caste in India, returned at times of census by many Telugu classes, of Balija, Bestha, Boya, Ekari, Gavara, Golla, Kalingi, Kapu, Mutracha, and Velama. In Tamil Nadu, A Tamilian, when speaking of a Telugu person bearing this title, would call him Naicker or Naickan instead of Naidu.5 The Telugu people in Tamilnadu and other regions are Balija, Boya, Ekari, Golla, Kavarai, Muttiriyan, Odde, Tottiyan, and Uppiliyan.6 Bhoyar, Kawara (Gavara) and Kohrya come from Kohli.7

The Kolis were found all over the Ahamadnagar district in Maharastra State in India and in the greatest numbers in the hilly sub-division of Akola. [The generally received explanation of the word Koli is clansmen from kul a clan as opposed to Kunbi the family man from kutumb a family. The mythic Brahmanic origin of the Kolis is that they are the same as the Kirats of the Purans, who are said to be descendants of Nishadh who was born from the arm of Ven, a king of the Sun race. The Kolis claim as their mythic founder Valmiki the author of the Ramayan. Mackintosh in Trans. Bom. Geog. Soc. I, 201-202.] Nagar Kolis belong to three classes: Panbharis or Malharis, Dhors and Mahadevs.8 The titles of Boyar are said to be Naidu or Nayudu, Naik, Dora, Dorabidda (children of chieftains), and Valmiki. 9 The word Boya will be indicating the Rajput and the clan of Chieftain.Clan of Raja or King

Boyars in Maharastra

Bhoi — a common term used as the designation of various classes vogue are engaged in boating, fishing, palanquin bearing and as domestic servants. In the Hyderabad Territory it includes several castes, such a* the Bestas and Gunlodus of Telingana, the Machinde and Maratha, Bhois of Marathawada, the Bhanare and Bendor of the Adilabad District, the Gangamasalu of the Carnatic and the Kahars, who are immigrants from Northern India. The etymology of the word 'Bhoi' is uncertain. It is supposed to be a Telugu word,...
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