Navigating Clinical Information Systems: Types and Benefits

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“Navigating clinical information systems: types and benefits” Deanna Winters
Nursing Informatics
1 March 2013

A clinical information system is an umbrella term for different systems that can increase the productivity of healthcare, enhance patient safety and decrease health care related cost. By putting together different tools we create a clinical information system. In today’s world with the increase in poly-pharmacy, chronic conditions and co-morbidities taking into account people are living longer it is the time that a technology overhaul is due. The integration of different systems will assist in providing effective quality care. Clinical information systems provide numerous benefits and will revolutionize the way nursing care is delivered. Introduction

The use of clinical information systems is becoming ever more popular since it was mandated that all Americans will have an electronic health record by 2014. Having experience in computerized and non - computerized facilities it is evident of the pros and cons of each. The U.S. healthcare system has been given a strategy to reduce medical errors, increase quality of care and save the healthcare system billions of dollars. The strategy to accomplish this is through the implementation of clinical information systems. The first tool discussed is the electronic medication administration record and barcode technology. Koshy (2005) gave the following statistic regarding medication errors. “Medication errors cause 7,000 deaths each year, with the cost of morbidity and mortality at 77 billion dollars per year” (Koshy, 2005). Thus showing the need for an improved system regarding medications.

The second tool discussed is the electronic health record. The introduction of this system not only increases continuity of care but will also help with follow up care after hospital discharge and that will decrease the amount of hospital readmissions. “EMR’s lead to cost and time resource benefits for health care providers, but their use has also led to an estimated cost savings of 23 billion dollars for Medicare and 31 billion dollars for private payers annually” (Follen et al. 2007). The final system that is discussed is the chronic disease management system. The implementation of this tool aids healthcare providers with evidenced based data to care for patients with one or more chronic diseases. The implementation of all these systems will help nurses provide more efficient patient care. It will also decrease the time spent on redundant paperwork that is taking valuable time away from the proper bedside care. Clinical information systems variety and review

Ms. C a nurse on the medical surgical unit walks into Mr. J’s room. Ms. C asks him what his name and birthdate are and checks what he says against his identification bracelet. After confirming that she has the right patient Ms. C begins giving him his medications telling him what each medication is for. She comes to the medication Jantoven and being that Mr. J just had surgery something did not seem right to her. She gave Mr. J the medications with the exception of the Jantoven and went to check the order. The order was poorly written and looks just like Jantoven but called the physician to voice her concerns. Upon speaking with the physician it is discovered that the medication that was really ordered was Januvia.

This was a near medication error, but since Ms. C was critically thinking and called to clarify the order the error was averted. “Baxter International reported that 39% of errors originate with prescribers, 23% occur during transcribing or compounding by pharmacists, and 38% occur during administration by nurses” (Caesar & Hutchinson, 2006). This information increased the implementation of the eMAR, which is the electronic medication administration record. An eMAR is “technology that automatically documents the administration of medication into certified EHR technology using electronic...
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