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Medical World
Medicare is a national social insurance program, administered by the U.S. federal government Medical Advances - Medical Advances Besides the computer revolution, medical advances have caused tension between faith and reason. The medical advances of the Twentieth Century have many beneficial effects for humanity. Diseases that used to be dangerous or life threatening, like mumps, measles, and whooping cough, are no longer worries in today’s medical world. Tetanus, typhoid, and the bubonic plaque can now be treated with antibiotics or other medicines. Vaccines, especially the polio vaccine, freed many people from the effects of a disease. Computers and Medical Database Advances Computers have revolutionized the way we do things in the medical field from the devised used the pharmacy to the databases used to keep patients medical records. Pharmacies, offices and hospitals have been able to take advantage of the benefit computers can bring to their companies. Computers make it easy to keep tack of their patients, as well as what medication they take in order to make it easier for everyone. Computers can be used to advance the uses of health care systems in hospitals in more ways than one. The contributions of several doctors, researchers, and scientists helped improve the health of the growing population. Controversy Caused by Advances in Genetics - Controversy Caused by Advances in Genetics The world has evolved and changed so much that so many things we thought were impossible are now possible, or becoming possible. Certain advances in the field of genetics have sparked controversy. Genetics offers a wide range of opportunities for people. It offers such ideas as allowing parents to choose what kind of sex their child would be, and parents also have the option of enhancing their child's memory and IQ. Cloning is also a big issue. There are people that are all for the experiments and possible outcomes..

Observing the Positive Side of the Medical Profession - ... However, the biggest obstacle in medical education which many, or even all, doctors will fear is the practical part. Surgeons for example, can practice their skills without an actual human body only to a certain extent. When they need to perform an actual surgery, it is no longer practice and a critical mistake can be destructive or even fatal.

NASA's Contribution to Technological Advances on Earth - NASA's Contribution to Technological Advances on Earth Abstract      NASA is more than just a space administration; it shows itself everyday in the world although at first it might not be apparent. There are not many people that know the variety of what it has brought to everyday life. NASA is not limited to just aerospace technology. The three main fields of development have been medical, environmental and consumer products. Each field is equally important to technological development. NASA’s space exploration is essential for the advancement of technology on Earth.. People are starving while others have too much money to spend. Our population is out of control. We pollute to no end. Ours is one of the best countries in the world.. Gender Inequality in Medical School - ... Although women do have additional challenges with raising a family and managing a household, these stereotypes are damaging and in many cases they are just not true. There are stories of many women with such high success in medical school that they continue to pass on their knowledge and success to other students by becoming deans, or teachers in medical schools. Women teachers in medical schools influence younger students to fulfill their dreams in medicine.

Medical Testing On Animals - Animals have been used in medical research for centuries. Most of the animals used for research are rodents - rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils. Some dogs, cats and a variety of goats, ferrets, pigeons, monkeys and rabbits are also used .The struggle against this tyranny is a struggle as important...
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