Nature of a Cpa Firm

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  • Published : January 23, 2011
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Case Study: Nature of CPA Firm

For this case study I looked at a broad range of CPA firms’ websites from the large national firms such as Deloitte, PWC and Ernst & Young to the smaller local firms including KDV, Copeland Buhl & Co and Schechter, Dokken & Kanter. While examining these websites, the first thing that became apparent to me is that the content and functionality from website to website is very similar. All of the websites I looked at include an ‘About Us’ page explaining who they are and what they do, which typically includes their mission statement. They all include a ‘Services’ page detailing the service provided which includes but is not limited to advisory, assurance, tax, consulting, financial and technology. All of the websites I looked at also featured a ‘Careers’ section which includes current job opening and detailed information about the organization’s culture and benefits. The large national firms include a listing of the industries they support. Some of the firms include a resources page which may contain links to a variety of calculators to assist with financial decisions as well as links to various publications and forms.

There are many reasons a firm may invest in a website. In fact, I would argue that it is essential for CPA firms to have a strong web presence if they want to be competitive in today’s marketplace. If you are a smaller firm, having a website can allow you to compete with the large national firms, as anyone with internet access can find your website. Having a website is also a much cheaper way to advertise when compared to the more traditional methods such as newspaper, television, radio, direct mail, etc… Having a website can allow you to reach millions of people something newspaper and radio cannot do. Having a website also improves your ability to enhance customer service because you have the ability to provide customers with information instantly. It also provides an avenue for recruiting a...
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