Organized Labor Unions Are Vital to Working Class Americaa

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Organized Labor Unions are Vital to Working Class America Jacki Barnes
Fred Giacobazzi
ENG 10403
April 27, 2009


Thesis: Organized labor union members are being pursued as the scapegoat for our country’s economic turmoil when the real culprits are the greedy union leaders, corporate heads, and Washington incompetence.

I.Private sector union membership has been steadily declining.

A.With our nation losing so many jobs in the industrial sector, unions will continue to lose membership.

B.Statistics show that trade union membership has been steadily declining since the 1970’s and due to the recent factory closings, downsizing, and layoffs they have taken a huge hit.

1.The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) is pending legislation that promises a fair and direct path to forming unions.

2.The EFCA will also increase penalties against employers for retaliating against pro-union workers.

II.The Bureau of Labor Statistics has provided the imperative data for collective bargaining.

A.For over a hundred years numerous studies and surveys have been conducted regarding wages for many of the industrial sectors.

B.Without the compilation of wage statistics, we would know far less about the money return for work.

1.The studies have shown that union workers in the same jobs earn more than their non-union counterparts.

2.The advantages to the union wage helps reduce turnover and cut down on efficiency costs.

III.Public sector unions are exceeding in America.

A.The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest and most powerful union in America today.

1.With the implementation of a local area network they have increased access to their information.

2.By creating a professional and functional website they are able to dispense information much quicker.

B.Labor unions need to combine their efforts to cut down on costs.

1.The Service Employees International Union and the California Nurses Association are joining forces.

2.They realize that by combining efforts they will be better able to reach their goals.

3.More unions will realize the cost-effectiveness of combining efforts and form partnerships.

IV.Organized labor needs to get back to the original reason they were formed.

A.Organized labor unions need to improve their image.

1.Arthur A. Coia, head of the Laborers International Union of North America was investigated for racketeering.

2.Ron Carey, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters was brought up on charges for embezzlement.

B.Union leaders need to quit their self-serving ways and start using union dues for their intended purpose.

1.In today’s economic climate they must be sure they are pursuing the direction that their members want to head.

2.The unions need to be willing to give concessions for wages and benefits in the pursuit of job security.

V.Unions need to find ways to increase their declining membership.

A.The decline in union membership coincides with the decline in manufacturing.

1.With the good possibility of the Employee Free Choice Act passing in Congress, this provides an excellent opportunity to start rebuilding the union of the future.

2.Since service jobs are the future of our economy and cannot be shipped overseas, union leaders should focus more resources on this sector.

3.The United Food and Commercial Workers Union have strengthened their efforts to unionize Wal-Mart workers.

B.Corporate heads in the manufacturing sector need to step up and start taking responsibility for the stable operation of their companies.

1.CEO’s need to take the first pay cut and then funnel it down through the ranks.

2.Corporations should not demand the little guy take the hit with pay and benefits when they are living high on the hog.

VI.Unions serve a very useful purpose.

A.Good wages, benefits, and safe working conditions are a direct...
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