Nature as Therapy

Topics: In vitro fertilisation, Fertility, Medicine Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Michele Mulligan
Jordon Thompson
English 112
20 January 2013

In Vitro Fertilization
There is a lot of debate whether or not In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) should be covered by insurance. More and more infertile couples are turning to the latest, most advanced medical procedures to treat infertility. With the rising cost of medical insurance, does it make sense for infertility procedures like IVF to be covered by insurance? In my opinion, yes; as an infertile couple why should we be denied the insurance coverage to treat our disease or have relief from the sadness and stress that affects one in eight couples today. In this essay I will argue that infertility procedures like In Vitro Fertilization should be covered by insurance companies which define “medically necessary“as safe and effective, non-experimental and appropriate.

Infertility has been defined by the World Health Organization as a reproductive disease. Some causes are structural abnormalities in the woman’s reproductive tract such as blocked fallopian tubes or endocrine disorders like disease such as endometrioses. These are all treatable medical conditions in which minimal invasion procedures, such as IVF, are effective; yet are not covered by insurance. IVF is safer and more effective and less costly then procedures that are currently covered by insurance such as tubal reconstruction or the removal of endometriosis. As a patient that went through both procedures, tubal reconstruction was more painful, scary and disappointing then IVF.

People define “medically necessary” as being non-experimental. The first baby to be born using In Vitro Fertilization was in 1978, for thirty five years doctors have been working to advance the treatment options for infertility as with many medical procedures; but to say it is experimental when thousands of infertile couples have given birth to healthy, normal babies using IVF method would be farfetched. IVF is...
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