Tube Babies

Topics: Pregnancy, In vitro fertilisation, Fertility Pages: 2 (823 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Argumentative research essay : IVF “test tube babies”

A first child is your own best foot forward, and how you do cheer those little feet as they strike out. You examine every turn of flesh for precocity, and crow it to the world. But the last one: the baby who trails her scent like a flag of surrender through your life when there will be no more coming after--oh, that' s love by a different name(Kingsolver)

I read this quote and I couldn’t not have it at the start of this essay. No one , no women in the world deserve not to have this feeling, first and foremost its god’s decision but it doesn’t mean we can’t try. IVF or in other words , test tube babies. What is IVF ? IVF is the removal of an egg from a woman's body, fertilizing it with a man's sperm and putting it back into her body for implantation in the uterus. It doesn’t always work , but most of the time it does and it has helped a lot of couples. It is a great way to make most infertile couples dreams of having a baby come true.

The first IVF ever took process was in the 1960’s and the first test tube baby was born in England in 1978, at that time the successive rate was low, around 5 % only , but as researches worked more into the procedure , the rate escalated up to 30 %. Surprisingly, a lot of people are against this procedure. Some say because its time consuming , others may say that it’s very costly. But what really intrigued me and made me want to write about this is when some people say that test tube babies have no soul , and why is that ? well because they were produced against god’s will.. well here is the exact paragraph : Why wouldn’t God be happy about a procedure that has allowed millions of couples to have babies who otherwise weren’t able to? Well, it appears he didn’t intend for these couples to have babies, and what happened? They did an end-around with this IVF malarky. Look at it from God’s point of view. Traditionally he’s been in full control of the creation of new...
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