Natural Therapy

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Descriptive Essay

Natural Therapy

Today the weather is unseasonably warm with a pleasant breeze. It feels like spring in the middle of February. The neighborhood is coming out of hibernation, people are outside talking doing yard work, talking or just hanging out. Several kids ride bikes past me as I make my way up the street. As I approach the park, I see the large American flag waving in front of grammar school. I can hear the sound of it flapping in the wind and the ding of the grommets hitting the flag pole. Looking from the school you don’t grasp how large the park really is. Being at the park gives me the feeling that I am out in the country somewhere, not minutes away from bustling highways and crowded shopping malls. This is why I enjoy walking the trails of the park. It has a relaxing, peaceful, therapeutic effect on me. As I enter the park I hear the birds chirping and take in the warm smell in the air. The big open fields are surrounded by all sorts of different trees, Pine, Oak, and Maple just to name a few. The massive trees in the background are some sort of weeping trees with long branches that seem like long fingers reaching to the ground they are still bare but soon will be lush and feathery. A sun bleached wooden fence surrounds the open fields so that it is separate from the trails. It reminds me of a fence you would see on a horse farm. There is also wooden crisscross gate blocking the entrance to walking path. The gate is slightly open with a red, white and black “DO NOT ENTER” sign on the front so that cars can’t try to go through. The trails are black top covered and they intertwine for miles within the park. As I look down the path, the trees form a canopy almost joining with each other in the middle. The sun filters softly through the branches. The path seems endless. There are benches with little dedication plaques on them. At the first bench you come by the dedication plaque seems to have been ripped off....
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